Website Hosting
& Design

There are plenty of web hosting companies in Akron and Cleveland, but there are none like us.

Total Web Hosting Services

We are a full-service hosting provider in northeast Ohio that offers complete managed web hosting services. All of our servers offer the following benefits:

  • Electrical backup systems
  • Antivirus systems, so you can rest assured that no one will get a virus from your web page
  • System backup each night in the event of equipment failure
  • Protected by a firewall
  • All requests to servers are scanned for hack attempts

This is what we call a total Web Hosting Services. The bottom line is we can provide the best website hosting in Northeast Ohio and beyond through uptime and a competitive cost to you and your business. Contact us to discuss your hosting needs!

Web Design

Design Matters

A web page is your company’s store front. It tells about all of the products and services your company offers. The perception of your company can be made within the first few seconds of seeing your site. A poorly designed site, or one without a clean and professional look, could possibly make you lose business.

Proper web design provided by top hosting companies involves a few different processes, such as:

  • Capturing what message you want to tell the visitor
  • Creating a site that’s easily navigable and allows the visitor to find the information they are looking for quickly
  • Presenting the site in a professional manner with a creative look
  • Incorporating methods to allow the site to be indexed correctly for search engines

Sites we create focus on all of these key aspects, and we pride ourselves on our sites’ clean, attractive look that visitors greatly appreciate.

Whether your needs are for a simple, one-page design or necessitate a more complex project, contact us and we can put our team to work crafting a tailored approach.